Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary Drum Screen EcoSieve™ External-Fed rotary drum screen. Ecologix’s Eco-Sieve self- ... Read More 》

Rotary Drum Screen

Rotary Drum Screen EcoSep™ Internally-Fed rotary drum screen. Ecologix’s EcoSep triangular ... Read More 》

EcoPack Lamella DAF

EcoPack Lamella DAF Ecologix’s EcoPack is an improved design that enhances separation ... Read More 》

Fine Bubble Diffuser

Fine Bubble Diffuser Ecologix provided best quality and lowest price for Disc Tube diffuser ... Read More 》


MBR Membrane Bioreactor,Ecologix™ MBR module systems replace
the Clarifier, ... Read More 》